Malware Family PredatorPain
Date Added Jan. 30, 2016, 3 a.m.
MD5 0b5450fd490005c41c5ae2477e4d7afa
Sha256 761e654651aa5889ae31a27f6654cf541735e8d3c4019c6a14771e587d64bc56
Robot Robots lovingly delivered by
Config Sections
Use Email yesemail
Email Address
Bound Files False
SMTP Port 587
FTP Pass password
SMTP Server
FTP Host
Interval Timer 60000000
PHP Link
Version Predator Pain v13
Download & Exec downloadfiles
FTP User username
Use FTP noftp
Use PHP nophp
Email Password Builder10

39 out of 54 AV's Identified the sample as Malicious

Virus Total Report

Domain Data
Domain IP Country Code
Geo Location
Yara Rules
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