Malware Family NetWire
Date Added Jan. 10, 2016, 10:33 p.m.
MD5 88464e59fc7e8fc28494860a16bf3aa5
Sha256 1269855d8a83079231d8f28b867f3e5ac285c1f14689bb5a2dba0873a06c73cf
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Config Sections
Delete original True
ActiveX autorun True
Install Path %AppData%\Install\Host.exe
Copy executable True
Host ID HostId-%Rand%
Lock executable True
ActiveX Key {241QQ751-WPNR-4K1Q-YNV1-5QU1DD2087O5}
Use a mutex True
Mutex GRPLtigW
Proxy Server Not Configured
Registry autorun True
Offline keylogger True
Domains ['']
Startup Name Wire
Password Password
KeyLog Dir %AppData%\Logs\
Proxy Option Direct connection

46 out of 54 AV's Identified the sample as Malicious

Virus Total Report

Domain Data
Domain IP Country Code FR
Geo Location
Yara Rules
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