Malware Family Punisher
Date Added April 15, 2016, 3 a.m.
MD5 9585787674918b2cd05a8088d77158b4
Sha256 b4d12f033dbf3392da893fad2095ce399dbada2414d6afe19fc60a749364a439
Robot Robots lovingly delivered by
Config Sections
USB Spread 1
Unknown Dan
Install Name Server.exe
Copy StartUp 0
ByPass Malware Bytes 1
Kill NO-IP 1
Kill Sandboxie 1
Password lolka
Install Path App Data
Copy To All Drives 1
Kill SpyTheSPy 1
Campaign Name New
Registry Key dSILlzCwXBSrQ1V
Anti VMWare VirtualBox 1
Connection Delay 1
Kill WireShark / Apate DNS 1
HideProcess 1
Add To Registry 1
Block Virus Total 1
Port 9999
Anti Kill Process 1

42 out of 57 AV's Identified the sample as Malicious

Virus Total Report

Domain Data
Domain IP Country Code 0
Geo Location
Yara Rules
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