Malware Family Xtreme
Date Added March 6, 2019, 6:25 a.m.
MD5 abf4782fc6deb4ad39d1647341f942ed
Sha256 4327b3a352a326a0171d4fb8d748096343c49085bd6268fe2a69089acdcaa85d
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Config Sections
Install Dir Windows
Group Servers
Msg Box Text Ocorreu um erro inesperado ao iniciar o programa.
FTP Password ftppass
Install Name csrss.exe
FTP Server
FTP UserName ftpuser
Msg Box Title Erro
Domain3 :0
Version 3.1
Mutex ((Mutex))
Domain5 :0
HKLM atualizar
Domain2 :0
ActiveX Key {5460C4DF-B266-909E-CB58-E32B79832EB2}
FTP Folder
Injection winlogon.exe
Domain4 :0
ID Server
HKCU windows

62 out of 70 AV's Identified the sample as Malicious

Virus Total Report

Domain Data
Domain IP Country Code
Geo Location
Yara Rules
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